3 Reasons Your Pet Can’t Stop Scratching

An itch you can’t scratch is definitely frustrating, but reaching an itch and scratching and scratching may be worse. If your pet is itching and constantly scratching, they can seriously damage their skin, exacerbate the problem, and start a stressful itch-scratch cycle. Getting to the root of your pet’s constant scratching is critical for finding [...]

Matters of the Heart—7 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know About Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a relentless and potentially life-threatening threat to pets everywhere. As spring arrives and temperatures rise, so does the likelihood of your pet’s exposure. Here’s everything your trusted Midtown Veterinary Hospital team wants you to know about this dangerous, persistent, and nearly invisible enemy—including how to protect your pet. #1: Heartworm disease has [...]

What to Do if Your Pet Has an Allergic Reaction

If your pet experiences an allergic reaction, you will likely feel alarmed. Allergic reactions often appear suddenly and with dramatic—sometimes life-threatening—effects. Knowing how to respond if your pet experiences an allergic reaction can help you stay calm and take logical steps to get your pet the help and relief they need. Be prepared when the [...]

Veterinary Dental Cleanings: Why—and When—Your Pet Needs Them

You care about your dental health, you practice an at-home dental care routine, and you get regular professional cleanings—and your pet’s dental health is equally important. The best way to support your pet’s dental health is to combine daily toothbrushing with regular professional cleanings. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so our Midtown Veterinary [...]

New and Improved—New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

Pets live in the moment, so they’re not likely setting intentional goals for the new year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some resolutions for them, to help them live their best lives. Check out the following pet-friendly New Year’s Resolutions from Midtown Veterinary Hospital.  #1: Schedule your pet’s annual wellness visit Whether your [...]

5 Secrets to Helping Your Pet Live Longer

Thinking about your pet’s inevitable passing—especially during their formative years—may feel a bit macabre, but the everyday decisions you make about your pet’s health and wellbeing have a direct impact on their longevity, and can potentially add years to their life. Of course your pet is not invincible, but if you follow our Midtown Veterinary [...]

Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Pet Safe

Thanksgiving is a holiday best enjoyed with friends and family, and your four-legged family member is no exception. However, some potential dangers exist for pets joining in the holiday festivities, so check out our do’s and don’ts to keep them safe. DO be aware of common Thanksgiving dangers for pets The best way to prepare [...]

5 Causes of Dog Diarrhea

Dog diarrhea is a common problem that, if not addressed appropriately, can result in many concerning issues, including dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, and, in some cases, serious health complications. Our Midtown Veterinary Hospital team wants to provide information about what causes dog diarrhea and how these situations should be managed.  Dietary indiscretions cause dog diarrhea [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Vaccinations and the Diseases They Prevent

Regular preventive care is crucial for keeping your four-legged friend healthy. To help you understand why regular vaccinations are so important for your pet, our team has assembled a guide to pet vaccinations and the diseases they prevent.  Vaccinations for dogs: Canine adenovirus-1 (hepatitis) Canine adenovirus-1, often called infectious canine hepatitis, can cause a wide [...]

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